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3 Stone Engagement Rings

3 Stone Engagement Rings
Are you all ready for your engagement? Have you found any cute and beautiful engagement rings? well, actually there are a lot of things out there that you can choose. From the color, metals, until the stones, it’s all according to your own personal taste. But if you want to give a surprise to someone special, there are some lists that you have to do. First thing is you have to know the size of your partner. Ask her family or friends or if they don’t know then you can sneakily looking for the size because this is the most crucial one. After you know the size, then you have to know about her taste. For this one, you can guess for her behavior or maybe you can also ask her closest people.

Now do you want something unique for your engagement? Then we have a suggestion for you. It is the 3 stone engagement rings. Why are these rings special? Of course because it has 3 stones in it so it looks more beautiful than usual. If you go to jewelers you can make your own design and also choose the stones for your beautiful 3 stones engagement rings. You can also choose the color so it will look best in your partner’s finger that’s why you have to buy according to what she likes and think about whether it’s suit her or not.

Why are these 3 stone engagement rings popular among girls? Because they’re ver classic and beautiful and also special because of the 3 stones that you can choose according to your birthstones. For this, you might ask her friends because usually girls love to talk about this with her friends. Another thing that we have to think about is the budget. About this one, of course it’s according to what stones and metal that you use. That’s why you have to set your own budget first before buying diamond engagement rings so that you won’t get shock with the price.

One thing you can also do about the budget, you can ask the jeweler to make the rings according to your budget. They will choose the right metal and stones for you so that you don’t have to worry about the budget anymore. At least you have to keep the rings beautiful and unique so that your partner will like it.

Another unique thing is that the three stones could also be the symbols of life. Past, present, future. Your 3 stone engagement rings will make her think about the past, the present, and the future with you so that she will always remember. So what do you think about this ring? Is’t it quite precious?

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