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The Beauty Of Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are bored with the shape of princess-cut ring solitaire ring then the options that might captivate you are marquise diamond engagement rings. Unlike most like rings, marquise diamond engagement rings have a very different form. It is said that the shape is derived from King Louis the 14th of France, who was ordered a jeweler to make a ring shaped like a diamond shape with a thin smile of the beloved King Louis the 14th time. This is the era in which the marquise became known and until now a symbol of romance and became very popular. This is the only form of diamonds that has a very deep history.

Since then, marquise has become extremely popular because it signifies intense admiration of royalty and romance. It is a gemstone with extraordinary visual impact. Currently marquise diamond ring has a slightly different design to the original design; the difference is the shape of a diamond stone and a length greater than its original form.

Marquise diamond engagement rings that have a history of giving the man the woman in love is still the main reference to this. The ratio of the length and width of the diamonds is 2:1; it means that the length of the diamond 2 times the width of the diamond. Elongated marquise shape diamond is the main attraction for many people, because this is a unique and elegant as well.

Marquise Diamond engagement rings settings

To create a marquise diamond engagement rings are qualified then you also need to select a metal that also qualified. There are two options you can take, the first white gold and platinum second choice. Platinum will have a better impression because it is more powerful and has a brighter color than white gold. Marquise ring with platinum as the noble metal is a special blend and the best you can get.

But if you have a budget that does not allow choosing platinum you can switch to white gold. It could also be an option for those of you who want to invest more on the diamond. As with platinum, diamond marquise would also look good in white gold.

It has been for several decades marquise diamond engagement rings a favorite choice for many people, especially the women who know the history of the marquise ring. It is also a romantic choice for many men around the world. When applying for most precious moments you can get only one time, marquise diamond engagement rings will supplement what is missing from it and add to the romance of the moment when you apply for a girl.

Interestingly enough of marquise diamond engagement rings are carat weight of marquise owned 50% heavier than normal weight like a brilliant diamond. If you compare the marquise cut diamond with a weight equal to the weight of brilliant cut will result in an additional 50% of the weight of brilliant.

Marquise Diamond engagement rings already available at the jewelry store, if you want a more personalized ring you can carve the inside of the metal ring with your name and your partner, you can also fill up the wedding date or a short poem that you created for the girl of your dreams, This will certainly add to the feel of romance in the ring.

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