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Antique Engagement Ring Settings

Antique Engagement Ring Settings
When it comes to choosing the desired style of an engagement ring, we mostly put the diamond engagement ring settings and their mountings as the last thing we consider. In the matter of securing and holding the diamond to the ring, no matter which style or appearance you choose, the setting of a ring would be very important. The prong type settings probably the most common engagement ring settings, yet you need to know that there are other beautiful and practical settings out there for you to choose.

There are a lot of diamond engagement ring settings out there which are designed in order to present the light that enters the diamond from various angles in a maximum way. The diamond then become an appealing stone for engagement purpose as well as other purposes since it features flashes in color that comes from the light that enters the diamond. The diamond could be elevated above the band by the mountings, that what gives the diamond more opportunities to capture the light when you move your hand.

Antique Engagement Ring Settings

Unlike the prong setting you may have now, an engagement ring that has a bezel setting is a antique engagement ring settings option. This antique engagement ring settings could also be described as a collar, where the diamond is surrounded by the bezel setting in partial or even a solid covering. The diamond with half bezels setting  that features a solid attachment on half of the sides can have the light shine into the center of the precious gem. The ring with this unique engagement ring settings could be both modern and traditional and gives you a look that is sleek and streamlined when you see it from the side angle or from the top.

Another unique engagement ring settings is bar channel setting where you have metal bars between each of the diamonds. This type of unique engagement ring settings is mostly available in platinum or white gold. The choice of both precious is made because they can improve the light that enters the diamonds.

We also have a antique engagement ring settings that is well know as bead setting on diamond engagement rings. This ornate types of settings include smaller or larger beads or drops of metal that are styled and engraved in a special manner in order to enhance the appearance. This act is also done to secure the precious gems such as diamond in its place.

The unique engagement ring settings has become very popular these days such as the invisible settings or mountings on engagement rings. The stones has managed to hide those settings completely or even partially. As we can see that in the pave settings. This antique engagement ring settings is largely hidden and formed by drilling very small holes into the bands, then they become the secure place for each individual diamond chip or stone. The diamonds then being secured by the small beading.

In order to keep the engagement rings beautiful for eternity, you need to have an early detection of any possible issue that may appear on your antique engagement ring settings. Regardless to your choice of antique engagement ring settings, they have to be cleaned as well as inspected for any damage.

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